Jethmal Sethia First Aid Center inaugurated

Bikaner . Bhamashah Seth, co-founder of Shri Agarchand Bhairadon Sethia Jain Parmarthik Sanstha. On the occasion of 125th birthday of Jethmalji Sethia, the members of the Sethia family paid tribute to the self. To keep the memory of Jethmalji Sethia everlasting, “Jethmal Sethia First Aid Center” was inaugurated on Friday. The medical center was inaugurated by Chanddevi Baid, senior Shravika of the society.At present, sugar, blood pressure and first aid services have been started at this center and a bed has been installed with modern equipments. Efforts will be made to give it a new dimension with the opinion of all future family members.On this occasion, the National President of All India Sadhumargi Jain Sangh, Gautam Ranka was honored by Surendra Sethia, the President of the organization, and Shantilalji Sethia, the Minister of the organization, by giving him Shriphal.
On this occasion, National General Secretary Sunilji Bomb was welcomed by Siddharthji Sethia by wearing a shawl. In his remarks, the National President of All India Sadhumargi Sangh, Gautam Ranka praised the Agarchand Bhairodan Sethia Jain Parmarthik Sanstha, which has always been a pioneer in the social service and religious work of the organization and said that in today's time, the society has moved from the primary medical center of these allopathic systems. All sections of the society will definitely get benefit. Ranka expressed his gratitude to the trustees and family members of the organization for its launch.Champalalji Daga and Jaychandlal Daga also praised the activities of the institution on the inauguration of this new dimension of the institution. In the end, the treasurer of the institution, Mr. Satyajit Sethia, expressed his gratitude to the visiting guests and expressed his vote of thanks.

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